Our products
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characteristics of our products

our seeds

In many cultures the tree symbolizes the connection with the underground, earth and sky. According to ancient traditions the underground represented the underworld, earth was the mortal realm and the sky was were gods lived; this made trees the perfect representation of every living being’s journey from the material world to the spiritual one. Trees also represented the passing of time: roots were associated to the past, the trunk to the present and the foliage to the future.

Seeds have always been a symbol of hope. Following this philosophy our cremation urns come with tree seeds that, once planted, will allow a new life to grow. This new tree will generate other seeds in a never-ending cycle.

100% biodegradable


In Italy paper and cardboard represent 30% of total waste. They are an important resource because they can be used to produce recycled paper. Recovering a ton of cellulosic material can save three trees as tall as 20 meters. The biodegradability of the cardboard is about two months. The times are shortened if it is thrown into water or placed below ground. It decomposes by itself and it does not produce noxious fumes if incinerated. All natural organic compounds, such as paper and cardboard, can be decomposed by bacteria present in nature. The use of cardboard is the major contribution to waste disposal, which is one of the biggest problems of our society.

FSC trademark

Forest Stewardship Council is a not-for-profit international organization, which promotes responsible management of the forests.
Its main tools for achieving this are: standard setting, certification and labeling of forest products. It is worldwide recognized. The certification’s goals are proper forestry management and the traceability of products. The FSC logo ensures that the product is manufactured using raw materials from well-managed forests, according to the principles of two main standards: forest management and chain of custody.
EST SINE DIE uses certified materials that comply with these standards.

made in italy

EST SINE DIE‘s raw materials come from Italian manufacturers.
All the design and work on paper is made in Modena – Italy by 1012ECODESIGN, which is specialized in the manufacture of pressed honeycomb cardboard and wood. Our products are manufactured, checked, certified, packaged and shipped from the warehouse based in Modena.