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After the death of a loved one we are in front of two options: burial or cremation.
Our society is changing very fast, and also the way to approach this subject.
Some of us choose to be cremated or cremate their loved ones.
Beyond of religious customs, cremations are increasing in Catholic countries too due the fact that the Vatican has banned this prohibition.

What are the benefits of cremation?

ECO-SUSTAINABILITY: who chooses cremation do it for an environmental factor. Cremation reduces land and water pollution not burying chemical, paint substances, and metals.
COSTS: Cremation urns and the costs for the burial of an urn in a cemetery are lower and this practice should not be considered less dignified.
Some people perceive it more simple especially if it is planned when the person is alive.
ADAPTABILITY: The families have different options regarding the funeral service according to their religions and believes. The funeral service can be celebrated right before cremation or at a later date to allow those who can’t be present for distance, work or other.
As people don’t live their entire life in their hometown, it’s much easier to move the ashes if preserved in a urn
PERSONALIZATION: Nowadays there are unique opportunities offered by funeral homes like scattering the ashes in the most original locations and in singular ways.


We are not psycologist or professional experts to write about this subject.
We just write what we personally experienced and what we listened from common people.
Losing someone we deeply love is a devastating experience to go through. Everyday life is usually marked by ups and downs.
Each of us perceives death differently.
There is not a right or wrong way to react to a loss. No one can tell us how to feel because it’s an individual experience, but there are healthy ways to deal with it and go through a process of transformation of the pain that will allow us to move forward and strengthen our emotional state.
One thing that can help us to overcome this mourning period could be sharing our feelings, but not everyone feels comfortable talking about this subject.
Times are rapidly changing and in many cases there’s no time to get used to them.
Sharing the loss of a loved one through social networks or by publishing obituaries has become very common.
To avoid inappropriate comments and to make this particular moment more intimate, people often create a closed group reserved to a limited circle of relatives and friends where each member can leave a condollence message after the administrator approval.
This form of communication can’t replace a glance or a hug but it can help those who are unable to be present because of geographical distance, illness and so on.

Planning in advance

Although it is not a pleasant subject, it might be interesting to do some research on our website to know what we do and be more familiar with our products.
There are some reasons why it should be done:
You can decide the kind of service, religious or secular.
Burial vs cremation preserving the ashes at home or scattering them in an open space considered special.
If you like to have a funeral service before the cremation you can decide where and when it can take place.
you can relieve your relatives and friends some of the stress when the time comes, as they’ll know what kinds of plans you’ve made or what you would have wanted.
By planning your own funeral in advance and sharing your thoughts and decisions with your family, you let your relatives focusing only on their grief without being worried what to do living them peace of mind knowing that they have done the right thing.