Tree of life

Urn Pendant necklace

When a pet dies, it’s very difficult to say good-bye. It will never be replaced, because of the unique personality
and special qualities.
A cremation urn pendant is perfect to honour who has passed to a new life.
Many pet-owners wish to keep a small portion of cremation ashes as a memento and scatter the rest.
For this reason, they also need an urn.
Silver and black tree of life cremation urn pendant is designed to keep your pet close to your heart and it is very graceful
to wear.

Please Note

It has a top opening screw.
After filling the pendant, it’s recommended that you use metal glue on the thread of the top to ensure that the ashes will remain safe forever.
We also advise not shower or swim while wearing the necklace because it can cause leacking.
You can fill it yourself or it can be done by a professional.

Color: Silver and Black

Stainless steel 316L


Approx. cm 2,30 H x 1,80 Ø x 0,50 P


Approx. cm 50